Our Firm

Flanagan Financial Services is a planning firm dedicated to the success of it's clients. We believe that individuals and businesses have a much greater chance of success if they utilize a Financial Guide. 

Interestingly, most people will hire guides to learn how to ski or fish; they will call travel professionals to arrange vacations; they will utilize professional guides for hunting or scuba diving, etc. Yet, the vast majority of people do not have a Financial Guide.

Today's world is ripe with pitfalls; bad markets, taxes, wars, currency fluctuations, illness, death, etc. It is the rare individual who can navigate these risks successfully. Your dreams and hopes will depend on how carefully you plan and execute your financial journey; and whether or not you enagage a professional to guide you.

We have built our business one client at a time. Our clients deserve to be understood clearly. They all have a unique story to tell. We strive to assist them in developing the Financial Security necessary to be Independent. Security and Independence are on the path which leads to Peace of Mind.

Please feel free to contact us. We'll listen.